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Who Are We?

At, we're reinventing the way engineering teams track work. We believe developers shouldn't have to do extra work to update others on their status, so Waffle does it for them. is an Enterprise Lean Startup, running inside one of the largest independent software corporations in the world, CA Technologies. We believe in rapidly iterating on solutions with our customers, to find problems that are worth solving.

Are you passionate about improving the lives of developers like yourself? Do you thrive in a startup environment, where it’s up to you to solve a wide range of technical problems and work across the stack? If so, we’d love to meet you!

Here are some marks of our team culture:

  • Quarterly hackathons. We seek to hire self-directed, creative team members. As such, some of our most valuable work comes from letting our team members be who they are and build what they want to build. Often times these hackathons are shipped to production, even if post-hackathon work has to be prioritized to finish them. Other times, hackathons are used to explore and learn new technology and techniques.
  • Work/life balance. We make it a point to live life, not just do work.
  • Collaboration and respect. Each person on the team has a voice in any area they are passionate about. We come to better solutions as a team than any one of us would. This means that we bring our opinions, even strong ones, to the table and hold them loosly as we listen to each perspective to find the right path forward.

Who Are You?

We’re looking for craftswomen and craftsmen who are curious, creative, humble, and are empathetic.


We take pride in what we do. We focus on delivering the right thing to our customers and follow lean startup principles to create minimum lovable products. We strive to make everything we touch just a little bit better when we leave it.

Curiosity and Creativity

We are disciplined explorers, learning from our customers and trying new things to discover the future of the way engineering teams track work. We believe in the art of the possible. You’ll be a good fit on our team if you like saying “yes, and” to new ideas, but can also focus on what needs to get done.


We value having a shared vision and coming together as a team to pursue it together. We each bring unique ideas to the table, and we’re excited when we’re able to work together to turn our ideas into something that’s better. You’ll fit in well if you can put aside your own awesomeness to make the team you work with stronger than any one individual.


We’re building a product that we ourselves use every day, and we know we need help from our customers to build the right thing. We value working with and understanding our customers. You’ll be a good fit on our team if you’re excited to meet Waffle’s customers and you’ll go above and beyond to make their day better.

What’s It Like Working on

The Team

We’re a distributed team, with teammates in Boulder, CO and Raleigh, NC.

We run as a startup inside a big company. That means we do our own sales, marketing, devops, and of course product development, and support. Each of us wears many hats.

The Tech runs on a Node.js, Angular, CoffeeScript, Typescript, MongoDB, and Kubernetes stack. We’re hosted using cloud services, but also ship behind the firewall. We have a microservice architecture that’s continuously deployed.

The Process

We use our own product to manage our work. Anyone in the world can see what we’re up to here:

Open Positions

We don't have any open positions right now. We love meeting our customers and fans, just open an issue in this repository to say hello!

Hiring Process

Read up on what the interview process for will look like here

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