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Abnormally Injecting Style into HTML

"The promise of love, the pain of loss, the joy of redemption, then give him a puzzle and watch him dance."

How does this work?

There's a tiny parser-like thingy, which parses basic tokens, identifies where they should be grouped into (for example, comment, selector, key or value), and puts them into div elements, which are then pushed into a pre element and a style element. As we modify the style, the browser engine repaints the window accordingly, which is beautiful to watch.

So, we have a payload.css and a js-gen.py. Calling python js-gen.py polls over both the files. Whenever it detects a change to one of the files, it generates a JS file (gen.js), which contains the raw style content packed into a variable (along with optional tags or script contents).

As an additional perk, the parser can callback JS code (i.e.,) whenever it encounters a tilde (~), it calls the corresponding function (if any) declared in the main script. For example, this ends up calling this function.

What good is all this?

I've no idea. This was my gift to my SO. I dunno what good this is gonna do, or how this is gonna be helpful to anyone, but I like it, so I decided to maintain a repo for that.