TensorFlow and Deep Learning Tutorials
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TensorFlow and Deep Learning Tutorials

Google's Deep Learning Tutorials

Deep Learning Reading List

Tutorial index

0 - Prerequisite

  • Introduction to Machine Learning (notebook)
  • Introduction to MNIST Dataset (notebook)

1 - Introduction

2 - Basic Models

3 - Neural Networks

4 - Utilities

  • Save and Restore a model (notebook) (code)
  • Tensorboard - Graph and loss visualization (notebook) (code)
  • Tensorboard - Advanced visualization (code)

5 - Multi GPU


Some examples require MNIST dataset for training and testing. Don't worry, this dataset will automatically be downloaded when running examples (with input_data.py). MNIST is a database of handwritten digits, for a quick description of that dataset, you can check this notebook.

Official Website: http://yann.lecun.com/exdb/mnist/

Selected Repositories




Computer Vision

Natural Language Processing

Adversarial Learning

Reinforcement Learning


Useful Links