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Updates Channels Module

This module enables developers to define different update channels for their custom updaters.

Register an update channel

Use wbf/update_channels/available filter.

 * Adds the My Theme Update channels
 * @param $channels
 * @return mixed
function set_update_channels($channels){
    $channels['mytheme'] = [
        'name' => 'My Theme',
        'slug' => 'my_theme',
        'channels' => [
            'Stable' => 'stable',
            'Beta' => 'beta'
    return $channels;

Now you can find the channel selector in the WBF Status page.

Use the channel

You can retrieve the selected channel with \WBF\modules\update_channels\get_update_channel($name) function.

use function WBF\modules\update_channels\get_update_channel;
$channel = get_update_channel("my_theme");
//Do the update logic with $channel...