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Mac OSX driver for the IntellaSys FORTHdrive device (SeaForth24 ) implementing SCSI pass-through
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This is the Mac OSX (x86-32) driver for the IntellaSys FORTHdrive thumb stick evaluation board. The FORTHdrive houses a SEAforth24 CPU (24-core) as well as a 1GiB flash disk with the VentureForth development kit.

The Forth side of the driver is also included (USBdriveMX.f), although it will hardly be of use to anyone but me until SwiftForth for Mac OSX is finally released.


  • Build the driver, e.g. xcodebuild -configuration Debug
  • Unplug your FORTHdrive
  • Save your work in case the kernel crashes!
  • Run ‘sudo ./’ to load the driver
  • Plug in the FORTHdrive
  • Run ‘ioreg|grep wagerlabs’ to verify that the driver is present
  • Use USBdriveMX.f as a template for your gforth or other Forth implementation

What not

  • I haven’t bothered with the sense buffer. Is it really needed? My Forth code does not make use of it.


The blinktest example works. readflash returns all 0s, not sure if that’s correct.

Use ‘sudo kextunload -b com.wagerlabs.driver.SEAforth24’ to force unloading of the driver, or simply take the FORTHdrive out and wait 1-2 minutes for the driver to unload automatically.

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