A graphical user interface for butterflow.
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A graphical user interface for butterflow.

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butterflow-ui is a graphical front end for interacting with the butterflow command line application in Windows.


  • Multilingual Interface

    Support for language settings.

  • Subregion Clipper

    Helps find subregions in the video to process.

  • Reusable Configurations

    Save your favorite configurations and load them for use with other videos.

  • Batch Processing

    Process multiple files at once using the same settings across all files.


If you'd like to help contribute to the project, please don't be shy! Translation into your local language would always be appreciated. Translations can be generated automatically, but those automatic translations are prone to error. butterflow-ui can always be improved, and if there are missing features that you want, please submit a pull request.


butterflow-ui is conveniently packaged in a Windows installer file (MSI) built with the WIX toolset. The latest installer can be downloaded here. You can also download old releases as well.

Code Documentation

butterflow-ui is fully documented via Sandcastle. You can find generated documents to help you contribute to the project in the documentation section.