Burp Bounty (Scan Check Builder in BApp Store) is a extension of Burp Suite that improve an active and passive scanner by yourself. This extension requires Burp Suite Pro.
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Burp Bounty - Scan Check Builder (BApps Store)

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This BurpSuite extension allows you, in a quick and simple way, to improve the active and passive burpsuite scanner by means of personalized rules through a very intuitive graphical interface. Through an advanced search of patterns and an improvement of the payload to send, we can create our own issue profiles both in the active scanner and in the passive.

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For example videos please visit our youtube channel:

Contributions and feature requests are welcome!


3.0.1beta 20181207

  • Fixed error with timeout

3.0.0beta 20181204

  • New multi-tab look and feel
  • Passive scanner for requests
  • Content-length comparer (for blindSQLi, etc.)
  • Tags system for organize your profiles
  • New BurpCollaborator Interaction
  • New Profile Manager
  • Deleted “not in cookie” functionality
  • Some minor improvements

2.3 20181029

  • Improved profile manager
  • Fixed some minor problems

2.2 20181026

  • Fixed some minor problems

2.1 20181024

  • Replace strings in payloads
  • Field to put profile authors information
  • Timeout option for blind vulns
  • Multiple lines bb json file

2.0 20181020

  • Add the burpcollaborator support
  • Follow redirects and how many to follow
  • Payload append or replace
  • Space encoding choose
  • Response codes to avoid
  • Content type to avoid

1.2 20180607

  • Solved bug with payload space
  • Add "Exclude HTTP Headers" feature
  • Add "Only in HTTP Headers" feature

1.1 20180606

  • Some improvements for integrate with the BApps Store

1.0 20180531

  • First public release