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Wagn: how pioneers roll


Wagn is an open web platform for building coherent web systems.

Using simple wiki-inspired building blocks called cards, “Wagneers” construct sites ranging from simple content managers to custom project trackers to fully integrated web suites.



version 1.8.7 or higher


version 1.0 or higher



A database engine

Either MySQL or PostgreSQL

Platform-specific details at:


1. Get the source

git clone git://
cd wagn # remaining commands should be executed from this directory

2. Get libraries (ruby gems)

bundle install --without postgres:memcache:test:debug:development:assets

The above is for a mysql installation. If you want to use postgres, switch “postgres” to “mysql” on the without list.

Watch carefully for errors! You may need to run as a admin user (using sudo, for example). For more info see using bundler with Wagn.

3. Configure

First, install needed config files with:

rake wagn:install # production-only MySQL setup

For PostgreSQL setup, use `env ENGINE=postgres rake wagn:install` For developer setup, use `env MODE=dev rake wagn:install`

Then, edit the config/database.yml file as necessary. The default configuration works if you have password-less root access to mysql. More about database configuration at

4. Seed your data

bundle exec rake wagn:create

5. Start your server

To fire up the default, built-in WEBrick server, just run:

env STATIC_ASSETS=true bundle exec rails server

…and point your browser to localhost:3000 (unless otherwise configured).

WEBrick is great for a quick test run. To run a production website, see

More Resources

To learn more about installation, see

To learn more about configuration, see

For other documentation, see

For community support, see

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