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In this directory are docker resources to run the wagn app.

Dockerized wagn application, for now this is a development setup, production later.  Includes:
   passenger, ruby 2.2.0 and nginx (phusion/passenger-ruby22)

These commands should result in two locally running development containers:

# you can use a database run from the standard postgres container like this:
docker pull postges
docker run --name wagn_db --env POSTGRES_PASSWORD=cds94_devPw --env POSTGRES_USER=cds -d postgres

docker pull gerry/wagn:latest
# then run wagn:
docker run -p 80 -p 443 -d --link=wagn_db:db --name=wagnapp gerry/wagn /sbin/my_init
# and seed it:
docker exec -ti wagnapp su - app sh -c 'cd wagnapp; wagn seed -d'

The database password above is in the image, to use a different one, replace the password when running the
database container and run this to configure rails (before doing the seed):
docker exec -ti wagnapp sed -i -e 's/wagn28_devPw/your_actual_pw/' /home/app/wagnapp/config/database.yml

To run a quick test, find the IP address of your container and make a request:
docker inspect wagnapp |grep IPA

The container uses runit, so status/restart nginx with sv command:
docker exec -ti wagnapp sv restart nginx

Postgres client in the container:
docker exec -ti wagn_db su - postgres sh -c 'psql'

Save an image with the seeded database:
docker commit wagn_db
docker tag <image tag output above> wagn_db_seeded

export/import data commands