Source for the sf.virtualScroll module for AngularJS
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Source for the sf.virtualScroll module for AngularJS

Intended as a replacement for ng-repeat for large collections of data and contains different solutions to the problem.

The current version doesn't contain the full-featured repeat directive. It is being developed as part of a blog series at stackfull and only contains code for the published articles.


Grunt is used as the build tool, so you will need node and npm installed. Since v0.4, grunt has 2 parts: the heavy lifting package grunt and the shell command grunt-cli. If you haven't already installed grunt-cli globally, do so now with:

sudo npm install -g grunt-cli

To run the simple demo, install the npm dependencies for the build tools and go:

npm install
grunt demo

You can now view the demo at http://localhost:8000/

Build with grunt dist and choose a file from the dist directory.

Using the component

For use with bower, there is a separate repo containing just the built artifacts here: angular-virtual-scroll-bower. You can add the component to your project with:

bower install angular-virtual-scroll

Or by adding a line to your component.json file.

If you are using grunt for your build, consider using a plugin like bowerful.

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