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For issues [please submit an issue]( on GitHub.

## Development

### Releases

1. Ensure you have the latest versions of `pip`, `setuptools` and `twine` installed in your virtual environment.
1. Create a new branch (e.g. `release/1.1.3`) for the release of the new version.
1. Update the version number in `` following [Semantic Versioning](
1. Update ``.
1. On GitHub, create a pull request and squash merge it.
1. Checkout and pull the `master` branch locally.
1. (Optional) If you need to verify anything, use `make publish-test` to upload to and enter your PyPi *test* credentials as needed.
1. Use `make publish` and enter your PyPi credentials as needed.
1. On GitHub, create a release and a tag for the new version.

## Credits

Thanks to [@mhnbcu]( for bringing this

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