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This plugin enables translating Wagtail content using a PO files in a git repository.

It works by committing source content into the repository then polling it for updates. When the PO files are translated, this will automatically create translated pages in Wagtail.

This is useful for when you are using external translation tools for translating your Wagtail content. Currently, this plugin supports Mozilla's Pontoon, but PRs are welcome for other translation tools!


This plugin requires Wagtail >= 2.15 with internationalisation enabled and Wagtail Localize.

Install both wagtail-localize and wagtail-localize-git, then add the following to your INSTALLED_APPS:


    # ...
    "wagtail_localize.locales",  # Replaces 'wagtail.locales'
    # ...

Then set the following settings:

WAGTAILLOCALIZE_GIT_URL - This is a URL to an empty git repository that wagtail-localize-git will push source strings to and fetch translations from. WAGTAILLOCALIZE_GIT_CLONE_DIR - The local directory where the git repository will be checked out.

By default, wagtail-localize-git will try to checkout and work with the main branch. To change that, set WAGTAILLOCALIZE_GIT_DEFAULT_BRANCH to your repository's default branch (e.g. master)


Once this is configured, you can use the sync_git management command to push/pull changes. This management command should be set up in your server's crontab to run often (preferably, every 10 minutes).

How it works

This plugin uses wagtail-localize to convert pages into segments and build new pages from translated segments. wagtail-localize provides a web interface for translating these segments in Wagtail itself and this plugin plays nicely with that (translations can be made from the Wagtail side too).

Pages/snippets are submitted to the git repo when they are submitted for translation from the default locale. Pages authored in other locales are not supported yet.


All contributions are welcome!


To make changes to this project, first clone this repository:

git clone
cd wagtail-localize-git

With your preferred virtualenv activated, install testing dependencies:

pip install -e .[testing] -U


Note that this project uses pre-commit. To set up locally:

# if you don't have it yet, globally
$ pip install pre-commit
# go to the project directory
$ cd wagtail-localize-git
# initialize pre-commit
$ pre-commit install

# Optional, run all checks once for this, then the checks will run only on the changed files
$ pre-commit run --all-files

How to run tests

Now you can run tests as shown below:


or, you can run them for a specific environment tox -e python3.9-django3.2-wagtail2.15 or specific test tox -e python3.9-django3.2-wagtail2.15-sqlite wagtail_localize_git.tests.test_git.TestRepository

To run the test app interactively, use tox -e interactive, visit and log in with admin/changeme.