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Wagtail Slack

The Wagtail Slack workspace is open to all users and developers of Wagtail. To join, head to:

When posting to the group, please be respectful of people's time and attention - remember that this is a community resource, not a tech support hotline. In particular, please avoid using @here notifications, unless your message absolutely needs the attention of several hundred people!


Support queries about working with Wagtail should be directed to the #support channel. Support is provided by members of the Wagtail community on a voluntary basis, and we cannot guarantee that questions will be answered quickly (or at all). If you want to see this resource succeed, please consider sticking around to help out!

Please keep in mind that many of Wagtail's core and expert developers prefer to handle support queries through Stack Overflow, since the non-realtime format encourages more structured and fully-formed questions. Asking questions on Stack Overflow requires more up-front effort (see Stack Overflow's advice on how to ask a good question), but you may well find you get a better response as a result.

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