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Fluid IRC Logs from

The logging service officially shuts down on 2018-11-05.

This repository contains the following:

  • the raw logs scraped from BotBot with the assistance of the BotBot operators (the *.log files in the root directory) - these are large dumps of the channel log over the years in a single file
    • there is one set of files from a scrape on 2018-09-20 and one for a scrape on 2018-11-05 - the later one supersedes the earlier, but both are being retained for now
  •, a Python script that parses the raw BotBot logs and extracts logs from on a per-day basis. It also does some reformatting to make the extracted logs more readable.
  • individual directories for daily logs extracted from the raw logs for each channel: fluid-design, fluid-tech and fluid-work
  •, a convenience script for running over multiple log files
  • - this file
  • - a note on how URLs to individual messages in BotBot's logging interface are (or, unfortunately as it turns out, are not) related to timestamps
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