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Yeoman generator for Infusion projects
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A Yeoman generator for Infusion-based projects.

Basic Instructions

  1. Install Yeoman - npm install -g yo
  2. Install the generator (at the moment, since not published to NPM, npm install -g
  3. Create a project directory
  4. yo infusion in that directory to generate scaffolding for a new project

Current Functionality

  • Main app generator: yo infusion
    • Creates a basic package.json based on user input
    • Installs dev dependencies necessary to run the standard linter with grunt lint
    • Supplies an example pre-commit hook for running the linter with Git commits
    • Offers to run the clientGrade subgenerator
  • clientGrade subgenerator: yo infusion:clientGrade
    • Generates boilerplate file and corresponding test files for a new Infusion grade, based on user input
    • Runs the all-tests subgenerator to update the client-side all tests runner file
  • all-tests: generates a fresh client-side complete test runner file in tests/all-tests.html, based on the presence of test files in tests/html/
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