Continuation Queues: Embeddable asynchronous networking, threading, and notification framework for Lua on Unix.

API Documentation

Please refer to the PDF available at

Build Dependancies

The Makefile requires GNU Make. The source code should build with recent GCC, clang, or Solaris SunPro compilers.

If you use your own Makefile, note that GCC and especially clang may emit copious warnings about initializers and unused parameters. These warnings are stupid. Use -Wno-override-init (GCC), -Wno-initializer-overrides (clang) and -Wno-unused to quiet these. For other warnings, patches welcome.

M4 and awk are required to generate errno.c. It relies on mk/errno.list to enumerate the system error macro names. mk/errno.list is a small POSIX-compatible shell script. By default it processes GCC's -dM macro list (clang also supports this option). For SunPro it uses a slightly cruder method.

Because the location of Lua include headers are unpredictable across systems, the build system by default relies on mk/luapath to locate the correct headers. mk/luapath uses various POSIX utilities. For more information see the luapath project page. But see LUA_APIS, LUA51_CPPFLAGS, LUA52_CPPFLAGS, and LUA53_CPPFLAGS, below.

cqueues should work on recent versions of Linux, OS X, Solaris, NetBSD, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, and derivatives. The regression suite is run on all supported platforms before rolling a release, and regularly during the development. In the future support may be added for AIX and the AIX pollset interface. Windows support is planned, though initially by relying on BSD select.

Build Overview

There is no separate ./configure step at the moment. System introspection occurs during compile time. However, the configure Make target can be used to cache the build environment.

Build Environment

Lua APIs

cqueues targets the three latest Lua APIs---5.1, 5.2, and 5.3---and all can be compiled simultaneously. Supported build targets are automatically detected by default. To override API autodetection specify LUA_APIS. For example,

$ make LUA_APIS="5.2 5.3"

Toolchain Flags

All the common GNU-style compiler variables are supported, including CC, CPPFLAGS, CFLAGS, LDFLAGS, SOFLAGS, and LIBS. Note that you can specify the path to both Lua 5.1, 5.2, and 5.3 include headers at the same time in CPPFLAGS; the build system will work things out to ensure the correct headers are loaded at compile-time. To specify them explicitly provide

  • LUA51_CPPFLAGS - preprocessor flags for Lua 5.1
  • LUA52_CPPFLAGS - preprocessor flags for Lua 5.2
  • LUA53_CPPFLAGS - preprocessor flags for Lua 5.3

To completely override all internally-defined flags, specify the ALL_-prefixed variant of any of the above. For example, specify ALL_CPPFLAGS to override the built-in optimization and warning flags. Note that object files are built using a command similar to


where the Lua-specific flags remain separate from more general flags.

Installation Paths

All the common GNU-style installation path variables are supported, including prefix, bindir, libdir, datadir, includedir, and DESTDIR. These additional path variables are also allowed:

  • lua51path - install path for Lua 5.1 modules, e.g. $(prefix)/share/lua/5.1
  • lua51cpath - install path for Lua 5.1 C modules, e.g. $(prefix)/lib/lua/5.1
  • lua52path - install path for Lua 5.2 modules, e.g. $(prefix)/share/lua/5.2
  • lua52cpath - install path for Lua 5.2 C modules, e.g. $(prefix)/lib/lua/5.2
  • lua53path - install path for Lua 5.3 modules, e.g. $(prefix)/share/lua/5.3
  • lua53cpath - install path for Lua 5.3 C modules, e.g. $(prefix)/lib/lua/5.3

Caching Environment

Invoking the configure target will cache the Make environment and reload the variable values on subsequent invocations. Variables can be modified on an individual basis after this.

Build Targets

cqueues targets the Lua 5.1 (LuaJIT), 5.2, and 5.3 API. For various reasons the build system is capable of building all three modules simultaneously in a single Make invocation. Therefore, there are many seemingly superfluous target names, either out of necessity or for convenience.

Compile Targets


Build Lua 5.1 cqueues modules


Build Lua 5.2 cqueues modules


Build Lua 5.3 cqueues modules


Synonym for liblua5.1-cqueues


Synonym for liblua5.2-cqueues


Synonym for liblua5.3-cqueues


Invokes one or more of the above according to the definition of LUA_APIS.

Install Targets


Install Lua 5.1 cqueues modules


Install Lua 5.2 cqueues modules


Install Lua 5.3 cqueues modules


Invokes liblua5.1-cqueues-install


Invokes liblua5.2-cqueues-install


Invokes liblua5.3-cqueues-install


Invokes one of more of the above install targets according to LUA_APIS.

Uninstall Targets


Uninstall Lua 5.1 cqueues modules


Uninstall Lua 5.2 cqueues modules


Uninstall Lua 5.3 cqueues modules


Invokes liblua5.1-cqueues-uninstall


Invokes liblua5.2-cqueues-uninstall


Invokes liblua5.3-cqueues-uninstall


Invokes one or more of the above uninstall targets according to LUA_APIS.

Other Targets


rm binary targets, object files, debugging symbols, etc


clean + rm *~


Build debian packages liblua5.1-cqueues and liblua5.2-cqueues using the dpkg-buildpackage utility. The Make variables DPKG_BUILDPACKAGE and DPKG_BUILDPACKAGE_OPTIONS can be used to manipulate this process.

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