Roadmap 1.0

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The Wahjam source tree started by bringing together the Windows, Mac, and Linux clients from It also includes the server. They are all in a single source tree and share the WDL library, which was also written and open sourced by the makers of NINJAM.

Release basic features from NINJAM fork

The Wahjam 1.0 release is the first time that we publish software that end-users can use. We will have to come up with a release process that works for the project. Because our efforts will be focussed on making the first Wahjam release there will be few new features over the existing NINJAM clients. In fact, we may have to drop features that don't make sense for Wahjam (like the rarely used and GPL-incompatible Jesusonic plugin integration).

Single cross-platform client

Wahjam 1.0 will provide NINJAM clients for Windows, Mac, and Linux. This is hard to do since it requires developers with access to all three operating systems. More importantly, the three different clients are all separate programs that only share the core NINJAM code. Adding a feature across all operating systems means implementing it in three different clients.

We need to converge on a single client program for all three OSes in order to keep the code maintainable by a small number of developers. This can be achieved by making two relatively large changes:

  1. Replace platform-specific clients with a cross-platform QT client. QT is used by Skype and other software to produce cross-platform programs that feel like native applications.
  2. Replace platform-specific audio backends with PortAudio. PortAudio is used by Audacity for cross-platform audio.
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