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OpenPlex automatically installs PlexConnect on your Mac, easily generates certificate files, updates, starts and stops PlexConnect without Mac terminal. OpenPlex is a open source app that will automatically install PlexConnect by cloning PlexConnect into /Applications/PlexConnect on your Mac to enable easy updates, generate any desired certificate file (Trailers, WSJ or iMovie), hi-jack desired Apple TV app (Trailers, WSJ or iMovie), and update PlexConnect automatically or on demand. Furthermore, OpenPlex is running on Mac OS X 10.6 to 10.11+ El Capitan.

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PLEASE NOTE - The OpenPlex Installer is currently not working, you can still install by simply running these three scripts to install OpenPlex via script editor or automator:

When the part1 script result is "" move on to progress label script to see installation progress when its result is "Cloning OpenPlex Complete" run part3 script and when the result is "" the installation is complete. OpenPlex icon will be in the menu bar ready for use.