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PBRT (Rust version - mlt) - 4h57m.

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wahn committed Jun 19, 2018
1 parent 5307226 commit fdece53735a88b33e7cb8dc5471d7ad24807ee03
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wahn commented on fdece53 Jun 20, 2018

Difference between Metropolis Light Transport (MLT) and Bi-directional Path Tracing:


> imf_diff -d -f living-room-2_pbrt_rust_mlt.png living-room-2_pbrt_rust_bdpt.png living-room-2_pbrt_rust_diff.jpg
differing pixels:	 36.538% (336734 of 921600)
average difference:	  2.158%
maximum difference:	 33.509%
Summary: Many pixels differ strongly.
== "living-room-2_pbrt_rust_mlt.png" and "living-room-2_pbrt_rust_bdpt.png" are different
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