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   Candlestick Point State Recreation Area (SRA)
             Community Theater (unbuilt)

Copyright 1989, University of California Regents.

Design: Mark Mack Architects
3D Model: Charles Ehrlich and Greg Ward
Renderings: Charles Ehrlich and Greg Ward

Acknowledgements: This work was conducted as a research
project during the Architecture 239X course taught by
Kevin Matthews formerly at UC Berkeley, College of 
Environmental Design.  His assistance and guidance was 
critical to the success of this study.  

Permission is hereby granted to use and distribute derivative
works (images) from the Candlestick Theater Model for research 
and educational purposes provided that the above attributions
and acknowledgements are closely associated with any such
distribution or publication, and that the colors and overall 
geometry of the model will not be altered.

It is permissible to enhance the geometry with the addition
of objects on the stage or persons in the audience.  Since
the building will probably never be built, it would be 
nice to see it being enjoyed, at least virtually.

Permission to publish any derivative works for commercial 
purposes must be granted in writing.  Please contact the
author for more information: Charles Ehrlich, Lawrence
Berkeley National Laboratory, 1 Cyclotron Road MS:90-3111,
Berkeley, CA  94703  Phone: (510) 486-7916 Fax: 486-4089

Copying and redistribution of the Theater Model itself for 
any other purpose is hereby granted provided that this README
file is included in all copies with any distribution media.

This model was created using the Graphic Design System (GDS)
formerly distributed by McDonnell Douglas, currently by
Electronic Data Systems (EDS), in 1988.  The purpose of
the study was to analyze the house lighting in the main
theater.  The study was critical for resolving problems
in the original lighting scheme. 

The main directory contains all of the necessary scene
and lighting geometry along with a Makefile and two ".rif"
files for use with the "RAD" program (recommended).

The views directory contains a number of pre-defined 
views for your convenience.

The "things" directory contains the original GDS "things"
files if you would rather convert the the theater geometry
from this source.  This does not include light sources,
patterns and textures. 

The mmack.mgf file in the main directory contains the
geometry and materials (minus patterns and textures)
of the Theater in the "MGF" format.--broken, not included.

Instructions for use:

To render the scene with Radiance on Unix with X11 use:

   rad -o x11 bright.rif IND=0

To render the scene with ADELINE/Radiance on MS-DOS use:

   rad -o vga bright.rif IND=0

To start a high resolution batch rendering use:

   rad bright.rif &

Alternatively, the Makefile may be used.  And, the pieces.csh
file can be edited to provide access to the rpiece command for
rendering on multiple processors.