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			     Inventure Museum

			3D model by Charles Ehrlich
			  Renderings by Greg Ward

Location: Acron, OH, Sumit County, USA
Latitude: 41 degrees, 7 minutes, 30 seconds North
Longitude: 81 degrees, 30 minutes, 0 seconds West
Time Zone: -3 Hours (Eastern Time)
Orientation: "Site North" is 28.0314 degrees to the East of North
(rotate sky 28.0314 degrees clockwise around 3D model)

Extents of interior space: 
Min:  X=-63 Y=-14 Z=0
Max:  X= 58 Y= 34 Z=89

Floor elevations (Z=):
Level One = L1 = 0
Tier One  = T1 = 15
Tier Two  = T2 = 27
Tier Three= T3 = 39
Tier Four = T4 = 51
Tier Five = T5 = 63
Tier Six  = T6 = 75

1. Verify lat. long. meridian, and rotation of sky
2. Create mkillum entities out of the various fenestrations
3. Define materials (currently just grey)
4. Pick a few explanatory times of the year/day
5. Generate octrees/ambient files and representative views.
6. arch2rad needs to stop interpreting the scale of the architrion
files as anything exept an indication to the user of what the
scaling factor would be if one was going to convert the file to meters.
In other words, the integer data in the Architiron Text files
is in whatever unit the user specified (inches, feet, meters, half-meters,
1/8th inches, etc.).  Arch2rad should ask what units (or
allow it to be specified on the command line) the user wants for the
output.  It is possible to figure out what the conversion factor should be 
by understanding how Architrion specifies its "Working Unit".  I'm not
exactly sure how the "Working Unit" relates exactly to the conversion
factor printed in the output .txt file (fhead.length).  The working unit 
defines the smallest unit of measure of an Architrion file.  This is
the ones place of the Architrion Text file.  Usually one specifies
a work unit of x' or x' x/8" or x' x/16" which means that the work unit
is some fraction of a foot or inch.  Or one can define the work unit as
x.5 or x.xx or x.xx5 which means that the ones unit is some decimal
fraction of a meter.  So, if the "conversion factor is divisible by
.0254 (to at most two places of accuracy), then the ones place of the text 
file is some fraction of a foot.  If the conversion factor is not divisible 
by .0254 then the ones place of the text file is some decimal fraction of 
a meter.

Classroom 3D 7/15/92
Layer No. 1 Floors
Layer No. 2 Base
Layer No. 3 Furniture
Layer No. 4 Walls
Layer No. 5 Fixtures
Layer No. 6 Ceiling
Layer No. 7
Layer No. 8
0 0 0
0 0.012704
0 0.009290
0 435 2

So the conversion factor .012704 tells us that if we multiply
every value in this file by that number, we'd end up with meters.
Because .012704/.0254 equals approximately .500, this means that
the work unit was some fraction of a foot.  What I don`t understand
is why this value of .012704 corresponds to a work unit of x' x/8".
I know that this file was created with a work unit of x' x/8" or 1/8 of an 
inch, I know that if I modify the .txt file such that the fhead.length
value equals 1/8/12=.010416667 then I end up with a rad file that is in
feet and scaled properly.  Go figure?!

        fprintf(fp, "# File created by: %s\n", progname);
        fprintf(fp, "# Input file: %s\n", fhead.filename);
        fprintf(fp, "# Input units: %s\n", fhead.length_u);
        fprintf(fp, "# Output units: meters\n");
        fprintf(fp, "# Named layers:\n");

So instead of always outputting meters, the choice should be given between
meters, feet and inches.

	fprintf(fp, "# Output units: %s\n", unitname);

where unitname is one of meters or feet or inches.  And of course,

        fprintf(fp, ptfmt, p->x[i]*fhead.length_f, p->y[i]*fhead.length_f,
                        (n&4 ? p->h[i] : p->z[i])*fhead.length_f);

the above line would change such that there is only conversion
when the output units are specified to be different from the input units.
How that conversion factor should be calculated is unknown to me.

7. rad needs a VARRIABLE to list those materials to -AExclude from
the calculation or to -AInclude in the calculation.