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Node.js ES6 framework for reactive, data-driven apps and APIs (Koa, RethinkDB)
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NOTE: Waigo is no longer being maintained. There are better choices out there right now, I may revisit this in future.


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[ Getting startedGuide ]

Waigo is a Node.js ES6 framework for building web apps and API back-ends which are easy to maintain and improve, and easy to scale.

Quick overview:

  • Built on koa, uses Promises and Generators, no callbacks.
  • Uses RethinkDB for end-to-end reactive data pipeline.
  • Build APIs and output both HTML and JSON for every route.
  • Flexible routing with per-route and per-HTTP-method middleware customisation.
  • Customizabe logging framework.
  • Form validation and sanitization CSRF protection.
  • User accounts, roles and access control lists. OAuth supported.
  • Emailing system with email templating support.
  • Slack notifications, fully configurable.
  • Command-line client for quick and easy setup
  • Pluggable admin interface (see waigo-plugin-admin).
  • Cron jobs.
  • Node.js clustering (multi-process) scaling support.
  • Extend or override any part of the core framework.
  • Bundle up functionality and customizations into re-usable plugins (NPM modules).
  • And much, much more...


Full documentation can be found in the /docs/ folder. The same docs can also be read online at

Note: Waigo v2 (current major version) was only recently completed, and as such docs are still a work in progress. The old v1 docs can be found at


Note: This section tells you to build Waigo itsef. For building apps with Waigo please read the docs instead.


  • Node.js 4.4.5+
  • RethinkDB 2.2+

First install the dependencies:

$ npm install

Now you can run the development server using:

$ npm run dev

This will watch assets and source code for changes and rebuild and reload the browser page when necessary.

If you install gulp globally then you can also run it directly:

$ npm install -g gulp
$ gulp dev

Running it directly lets you pass in additional options. For example, by default assets are not minified. To enable minification use the --debug flag:

$ gulp dev --minified


$ gulp test

This will run all the tests. To limit testing to one more test files use the --only-test option:

$ gulp test --only-test test/unit/src/support/*.test.js

Waigo v1

Version 1 is the old version of Waigo and uses Mongo instead of RethinkDB. This version is no longer being maintained but feel free to fork it from the v1 branch in the repo. Docs can be found


Suggestions, bug reports and pull requests are welcome. Please see for guidelines.

If you have any questions, come and chat with us on Discord.


MIT - see

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