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Awesome Wails

A curated collection of the best stuff from the Wails ecosystem and community.

GitHub Yakia For

Table of Contents



  • My App - Wails v2 with Systray and Gin for backend & API + Vue3 with monorepo structure for frontend.


Open Source

  • Cantor - Personal image bed app based on wails + vue + github-api.
  • DevToolKit - This repository contains a desktop application with many useful tools for software developers.
  • Justnotes - A markdown editor similar to typora
  • Optimus - Image compression, optimization and conversion desktop app.
  • Triangula GUI - A lightweight app which uses Triangula to generate triangulated images and Wails for the frontend.
  • Modal File Manager - A vim styled file manager that is extensable and themeable.
  • EmailIt - A simple markdown email sender only with notepads, templates, and text manipulating scripts.
  • ScriptBar - xBar done in a single window with outputs from a Node-Red server
  • Bulletin Board - A simple messaging dialog with user created templates.
  • Spirit - Get an image from the clipboard or locally and float it on the desktop.
  • Owlly - Let your Slack team know .env changes instantly with one single binary.
  • GitHelper - a simple and beautiful git assistant.
  • CryptoBox - a simple and useful cryptography toolbox
  • MT-SATA-server - Semi-automatic trading assistant server for metatrader.
  • CFN Tracker - A tool for tracking any Street Fighter V CFN account's live match data
  • Hatt - Meta search engine for direct download and streamable files on the internet
  • ChYing - ChYing is a comprehensive security toolbox designed to simplify various security testing tasks.
  • QuickQuery - A simple SQL database query tool, built using Wails (Go & Vue.js)
  • RWKV-Runner - RWKV LLM management, startup and interaction tool, with OpenAI compatible API
  • SpLE - Supaplex Levels editor, both web and desktop
  • Rolens - Intuitive cross-platform MongoDB GUI
  • Moo - Music player based on YouTube
  • PasswordME - Tiny cross-platform password manager with generation
  • Status Updater - Accessible UI for users with limited vision to routinely update their status or request contact from remote caregivers.
  • PF_Tools - A simple cool clock desktop application
  • Quran-Terjeman_Org Desktop Apps for reading and playing Quran recitations
  • Swallow - A cool static blog client.
  • Go-Architect - An Architecture Analysis Tool for Golang Projects.
  • RemoteController - The Steam Remote Play Alternative powered by P2P & gamepads
  • Tiny RDM - A modern lightweight cross-platform Redis desktop manager available for Mac, Windows, and Linux.
  • Nuga - Application for controlling NuPhy® keyboards.
  • Nui - Free and Open Source NATS management GUI. Easily manage your NATS core, streams and buckets.

Closed Source

  • Xiaobaitu AI - An easy-to-use artificial intelligence app
  • Firebox - A desktop application developed based on riot LCU interface, for League of Legends
  • Krater - A lightweight, cross-platform desktop application that revolutionizes Laravel app debugging