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Waistra offers free cloud storage to its users
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Waistra is a root word in Sanskrit language which means universe. The universe is here with name of Waistra. Waistra is cloud storage service provider which provides unlimited cloud storage space to store your files including videos, audios, documents and others. Waistra aims to create a new cloud culture by creating a new enriched user experience of cloud service with ease of cloud accessibility. Waistra is based on 3S institutional pillars Suraksha (Security), Shamata (Storage capacity), Saralata (Simplicity) to create new cloud culture.

  1. Shamata (Storage Capacity): Waistra is providing free unlimited secure cloud storage space to store your multimedia files and documents without any absolute limitation. During the selection of cloud storage app or cloud storage service storage capacity is considered important parameter along with all cloud selection parameters. Therefore this unlimited cloud storage makes you able to upload and access files on cloud with ease of accessibility and sharing of files.
  2. Saralata (Simplicity): A research paper titled “ User experience in the Cloud: onwards a Research Agenda enumerated the key issues including user data storage and access, multi device access of services and storage, integrity of data. There user experience is what by which users makes a choice of cloud storage app. To make user experience richer Waistra providing easy, interactive, responsive interface, quick secure sharing of files to feel the new cloud culture. Easy interface of Waistra is designed for remote user of any continent so that anyone can access cloud storage by single click and can upload files on cloud with help of Waistra.
  3. Suraksha (Security): Waistra is engaged with higher degree of security to maintain integrity of user data for smooth and secured cloud experience to fulfill the objective of creating new cloud culture. The new cloud culture can be created only with integrity of data and the encryption is the way to ensure integrity of data. To make your cloud storage secure Waistra uses 256 bit end to end encryption to provide secure cloud storage. Along with it we are also compatible with Personal Data Protection (Draft) Bill of union of India. Features of Waistra
  4. Free Unlimited cloud storage: Sometimes you may feel worry while sketching memories due to storage space of device. But now you need not to worry about cloud storage space and Waistra is taking care of your cloud storage space by providing unlimited Cloud Storage space. This unlimited cloud storage space can be enjoyed byWaistra Cloud Storage or Waistra cloud web. Your unlimited storage space can be enjoyed by just signing in to any device. You can access your files from Waistra cloud storage anytime as Waistra Cloud Storage provides ease of cloud accessibility.
  5. File Management: Waistra provides a better way to manage your file manager on cloud in hierarchical order to provide ease of accessibility of Cloud Storage. You can create folders and upload files in those folders and can access later by just taping those files. Waistra file manager reduces your dependence on device and your files stored on Waistra cloud becomes portable and your can access theme anywhere.
  6. Audio / video streaming: With Waistra cloud you can stream your cloud stored multimedia. You can stream you stored videos and audios by just single click. In this feature you are not depended to the device. If you have not your devices with you or lost your device, you need not to worry as Waistra Cloud Storage has your memories and you will never miss those memories with Waistra cloud storage app.
  7. Public / Private mode for files: This unique feature of Waistra allows you to make your files Public. By default your all files are private and secured which can be seen by you only. If you choose to make any file public you can make it public by just change mode of file private to public. In this public mode the users who have followed you can see that public mode file. This feature of Waistra gives another sharing tool for Cloud Storage.
  8. Secure file storage: Security is our foundational pillar because we believe integrity of data must top priority while managing cloud storage. In recent time breach of privacy and data raised many issue of user data. Therefore Waistra is always conscious regarding integrity of data. Waistra cloud Storage uses custom algorithm for encryptions for all type of data up to 256 bit encryption so that decryption of streams for unauthorized user can be made null to ensure secure cloud experience and your Cloud Storage experience can be converted into secured cloud experience. Our Unique Campaigns: Operational Transparency Procedure (OTP): We believe that transparency must be maintained to build and maintain trust of user if you are engaged operations of user data. Therefore Waistra Cloud Storage is creating heights of transparency in operations by adopting user based feedback and monitoring mechanism. This system of transparency in Cloud Storage is called Operational Transparency Procedure (OTP) which aims to create a transparent, bidirectional and open mechanism by which an unclassified feedback report of a random user will be published on the interaction mediums of Waistra. The random user will make cyber audit of all the concerning issues of the cloud service provider and will provide feedback to the service provider. The unclassified user feedback will be published by the cloud service provider on internet to provide wider look for other user to build trust towards cloud service. #Plantatree campaign: Along with providing cloud storage services and solutions Waistra has begun a common social responsibility campaign by planting trees to contribute in generating additional carbon sink as it evident that cloud storage servers also make surplus to carbon footprint. Therefore Waistra initiated to plant a tree for every smile. Waistra plant a tree and takes care of it for every satisfied user.
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