Ruby SDK for the Dropbox API v2
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Dropbox SDK for Ruby

Gem Version Build Status MIT licensed

This is a small Ruby library for accessing the new Dropbox API. It provides a single class, Dropbox::Client, with methods that map to most of the Dropbox API endpoints. Currently all of the endpoints in the auth, files, and users namespaces are supported. Sharing methods are planned.


  • Ruby 2.1.0 or later
  • The http gem



gem install dropbox-sdk-v2

Then, in your source files:

require 'dropbox'

Or just add this to your Gemfile:

gem 'dropbox-sdk-v2'


Also see the full YARD documentation.

Set up a client:

require 'dropbox'


Create a folder:

folder = dbx.create_folder('/myfolder') # => Dropbox::FolderMetadata # => "id:a4ayc_80_OEAAAAAAAAAXz" # => "myfolder"
folder.path_lower # => "/myfolder"

Upload a file:

# File body can be a String, File, or any Enumerable.
file = dbx.upload('/myfolder/file.txt', 'file body') # => Dropbox::FileMetadata
file.size # => 9
file.rev # => a1c10ce0dd78

Download a file:

file, body ='/myfolder/file.txt') # => Dropbox::FileMetadata, HTTP::Response::Body
body.to_s # => "file body"

Delete a file:

dbx.delete('/myfolder/file.txt') # => Dropbox::FileMetadata


All contributions are welcome. Please file an issue or submit a pull request.

This project strives for full test coverage. To run the test suite, make a Dropbox App with "app folder" access and generate an access token. Then run DROPBOX_SDK_ACCESS_TOKEN="..." rake test.