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A Comet Chat Pro based Chatting Android App
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Built with ❤︎ by Wajahat Karim and contributors

Build One-on-One Android Chat App in Kotlin  The article on how to build one-on-one Android chat app in Kotlin is now published. You can read it on this link here. →.

Chaty is an Android Demo app (using CometChat Pro) for a fully functional messaging app capable of one-on-one (private) messaging. The app enables users to send text messages to other users in realtime.

This example shows how to build an one-to-one chat with Android using Kotlin.

Platform Platform



This demo uses:

  • CometChat Pro Android SDK (1.3.+) versions
  • Android and Kotlin
  • Material Components by Google
  • Glide for Image Loading


Simply Clone the project from android-kotlin-chat-app repository and open in Android Studio. Build the Demo App and it will be ready to Run

Run the Sample App

To run the demo follow these steps:

  1. Head to CometChat Pro and create an account
  2. From the dashboard, create a new app called "One-To-One Android Chat"
  3. Once created, click Explore
  4. Go to the API Keys tab and click Create API Key
  5. Create an API key called "Android One-To-One Chat Key" with Full Access
  6. Download the repository here or by running git clone and open it in Android Studio
  7. Update strings.xml with your newly-created appID and apiKey
  8. Run the app and login with one of the test users: superhero1, superhero2, superhero3, superhero4 or superhero5

Questions about running the demo? Open an issue. We're here to help ✌️

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