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URL tests

  Test data are merged into another repository:

This repository contains a number of test data for URL parsing,
resolution, and canonicalization as performed by Web browsers,
developed in 2011 along with Perl Web::URL module.

* Spec

- spec.txt

* Tests

- data/*.dat - URL canonicalization tests (See data/README for more info)
- data/generated/*.dat - IDN in URL canonicalization tests

- browsers/*.html - Test harnesses for testing your browser

* Test results of browsers

- URL canonicalization tests (about 5000)
-- <https://suika.fam.cx/gate/test-results/list/url-canon-20110731/all>
- Query character encoding tests (28)
-- <https://suika.fam.cx/gate/test-results/list/url-canon-20110731-charsets/all>
- IDN canonicalization tests (about 14000)
-- <https://suika.fam.cx/gate/test-results/list/url-canon-20110731-idn/all>

* Unicode version

Unicode version of test results depend on the Unicode version
implemented by Perl used to generate test results.  You can upgrade or
degrade the Unicode version of test results by regenerating them with
appropriate version of Perl.  At the time of writing (August, 2012),
the test results in the repository is generated by Perl 5.14.2, which
supports Unicode 6.0.0.

* Development

Latest version of the test suite is available at

This test suite has first been developed in another repository
<https://github.com/wakaba/perl-weburl> in 2011 and then split into
different repositories.

* Author

Wakaba <w@suika.fam.cx>.

* License

You are granted a license to use, reproduce and create derivative
works of these test data.