Chrome extension for automatic time tracking and metrics generated from your browsing activity.
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Automatic time tracking for stats about your website debugging, research, documentation, etc.

Note: Activity from this Chrome extension will not display on leaderboards, so installing this extension may lower your rank.


  1. Install the extension:

Chrome Web Store

  1. Login to WakaTime.

  2. Use Chrome like you normally do and your time will be tracked for you automatically.

  3. Visit to see your logged time.

  4. Use in conjunction with other WakaTime plugins.


SC open

SC open

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Development instructions

For development purposes only.

To get started, install NPM and Bower dependencies, and do an initial build with Gulp:

npm start

To build the extension once:

npm run gulp

To monitor changes:

npm run watch

Run tests:

npm test

Lint code (Both JS and JSX):

jsxhint --jsx-only .

Automatic code linting

There is a precommit hook that lints the code before commiting the changes.

Load unpacked in Chrome

  1. Clone repository to disk
  2. Go to SettingsExtensions
  3. Enable Developer mode
  4. Click Load unpacked extension...
  5. Select repository directory


Check for errors by inspecting the extension.

inspecting extension