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2.0.0 (2018-12-19)

  • Upgrade wakatime-cli to v10.6.1.
  • Correctly parse include_only_with_project_file when set to false. wakatime#161
  • Support language argument for non-file entity types.
  • Send 25 heartbeats per API request.
  • New category "Writing Tests". wakatime#156
  • Fix bug caused by git config section without any submodule option defined. wakatime#152
  • Send 50 offline heartbeats to API per request with 1 second delay in between.
  • Support logging coding activity to remote network drive files on Windows platform by detecting UNC path from drive letter. wakatime#72
  • Re-enable detecting projects from Subversion folder on Windows platform.
  • Prevent opening cmd window on Windows when detecting project from Subversion.
  • Run tests on Windows using Appveyor.
  • Default --sync-offline-activity to 100 instead of 5, so offline coding is synced to dashboard faster.
  • Batch heartbeats in groups of 10 per api request.
  • New config hide_project_name and argument --hide-project-names for obfuscating project names when sending coding activity to api.
  • Fix mispelled Gosu language. wakatime#137
  • Remove metadata when hiding project or file names.
  • New --local-file argument to be used when --entity is a remote file.
  • New argument --sync-offline-activity for configuring the maximum offline heartbeats to sync to the WakaTime API.
  • Support for project detection from git worktree folders.
  • Force forward slash for file paths.
  • New --category argument.
  • New --exclude-unknown-project argument and corresponding config setting.
  • Smarter C vs C++ vs Objective-C language detection.
  • Detect dependencies from Elm, Haskell, Haxe, Kotlin, Rust, and Scala files.
  • Improved Matlab vs Objective-C language detection. wakatime#129
  • Detect dependencies from Swift, Objective-C, TypeScript and JavaScript files.
  • Categorize .mjs files as JavaScript. wakatime#121
  • Ability to only track folders containing a .wakatime-project file using new include_only_with_project_file argument and config option.
  • Fix bug that caused heartbeats to be cached locally instead of sent to API.
  • Improve Java dependency detection.
  • Skip null or missing heartbeats from extra heartbeats argument.
  • Support saving unicode heartbeats when working offline. wakatime#112
  • Limit bulk syncing to 5 heartbeats per request. wakatime#109
  • Parse array of results from bulk heartbeats endpoint, only saving heartbeats to local offline cache when they were not accepted by the api.
  • Upload multiple heartbeats to bulk endpoint for improved network performance. wakatime#107
  • Fix bug causing 401 response when hidefilenames is enabled. wakatime#106
  • Detect project and branch names from git submodules. wakatime#105
  • Use WAKATIME_HOME env variable for offline and session caching. wakatime#102
  • Allow passing string arguments wrapped in extra quotes for plugins which cannot properly escape spaces in arguments.
  • Upgrade pytz to v2017.2.
  • Upgrade requests to v2.18.4.
  • Upgrade tzlocal to v1.4.
  • Improve Matlab language detection.
  • Only treat proxy string as NTLM proxy after unable to connect with HTTPS and SOCKS proxy.
  • Support running automated tests on Linux, OS X, and Windows.
  • Ability to disable SSL cert verification. #90
  • Disable line count stats for files larger than 2MB to improve performance.
  • Print error saying Python needs upgrading when requests can't be imported.
  • Config file not needed when passing api key via command line.
  • Allow colons in [projectmap] config section. #83
  • When unable to detect language and debug mode turned on, log any tracebacks.
  • Increase priority of F# and TypeScript languages.
  • Add six library to satisfy missing dependency from ntlm-auth.
  • Ability to prioritize common languages over uncommon lanuages. #81
  • Rename alternate_language to language in extra heartbeats json.
  • Rename --alternate-language cli argument to --language.
  • Existing --alternate-language cli argument now overwrites auto-detected language. Previously, was only used when unable to auto-detect language.
  • Give TypeScript higher priority than TypoScript.
  • Support for Python 3.6.
  • Support NTLM proxy format like domain\user:pass. #23
  • Upgrade pytz to v2016.10.
  • Upgrade requests to v2.13.0.
  • Upgrade pysocks to v1.6.6.
  • Upgrade pygments library to v2.2.0 for improved language detection.
  • Allow boolean or list of regex patterns for hidefilenames config setting.
  • New WAKATIME_HOME env variable for setting path to config and log files. #67
  • Improve debug warning message from unsupported dependency parsers. #65
  • Exit with status code 104 when api key is missing or invalid. Exit with status code 103 when config file missing or invalid.
  • Force file path to use system path separator.
  • Handle exception from Python system library read permission problem.
  • Prevent encoding errors when logging files with special characters.
  • Upgrade pytz to v2016.6.1.
  • Upgrade requests to v2.11.1.
  • Upgrade simplejson to v3.8.2.
  • Upgrade tzlocal to v1.2.2.

1.0.3 (2016-07-06)

  • Upgrade wakatime-cli to v6.0.7.
  • Handle unknown exceptions from requests library by deleting cached session object because it could be from a previous conflicting version.
  • New hostname setting in config file to set machine hostname. Hostname argument takes priority over hostname from config file.
  • Prevent logging unrelated exception when logging tracebacks.

1.0.2 (2016-07-01)

  • Upgrade wakatime-cli to v6.0.6.
  • Prevent tracking git branch with detached head.
  • Support for SOCKS proxies.
  • Prevent popup on Mac when xcode-tools is not installed.
  • Increase default network timeout to 60 seconds when sending heartbeats to the api.
  • Support regex patterns in projectmap config section for renaming projects.

1.0.1 (2016-03-18)

  • Fix api key menu item.
  • Detect project name from currently opened site.
  • Upgrade wakatime-cli to v4.1.13.
  • Encode TimeZone and hostname as utf-8 before adding to headers.

1.0.0 (2016-02-21)

  • Birth.
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