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How many demo applications am I allowed to create?

Wakanda Cloud puts an upper limit on the number of demo applications that you can have at the same time. The limit is currently two demo applications per Wakanda Cloud account.

Do applications shared with me decrease the number of demo applications I can create?

No. You can have as many applications shared with you as you want. You will still have the same upper limit of the number of demo applications.

What happens if my application is not used for a long time? does it get idled?

The current policy is to keep all deployed applications running, except for the demo applications that are limited to three months.

What happens to my application's data in case of a major failure event?

With the database management features, you can easily recover from a major failure event. Make sure you have enabled the backup in your application's data management view so you can restore your application to a previous state.

How do I report bugs to the Wakanda Cloud team?

To report a bug to the Wakanda Cloud team you can contact the [Cloud Support Team!]( However, you must complete your personnal information first.

What version of Wakanda is used on the Wakanda Cloud service?

Wakanda Cloud uses Wakanda Enterprise 11.195328

How do I report a feature request to Wakanda Cloud?

To report a feature request to Wakanda Cloud please contact our [Cloud Support Team!]( However, you must complete your personnal information first.

Do I have access to Wakanda's default administration solution?

Wakanda Cloud does not provide access to Wakanda's default administration solution. You can, however, manage your applications using the web console.

Can I use web-sockets in the application I deploy to the cloud?

Wakanda Cloud allows you to use the web-sockets in your applications. however you must set the keep-alive to one minute.

Are my solution's configuration settings overwritten when I deploy my application to the cloud?

Yes, to be able to run your application on Wakanda Cloud, some elements of the configuration of your solution need to be overwritten.

Are automatic backups enabled by default when I buy a new application?

No, automatic backups must be activated by you by setting the frequency and the time at which you want to make your full backup.

Could I invite someone who does not have a Wakanda Cloud account to my application?

No, your collaborators must have a Wakanda Cloud account before being invited to your application.

Could I associate several Wakanda Cloud accounts with a single Paypal account?

Yes, every Wakanda Cloud account will be billed separately but the payment will be made with the same Paypal account.

Is VAT applied to my purchases?

Yes, if you are within the European Union, VAT will be applied at a rate depending on the country in which you are located.

Why set the VAT ID?

If you have a valid VAT ID you will automatically be exempt from VAT (for companies located in the European Union).

How am I billed for my application for the first time?

Wakanda Cloud has adopted a pre-payment policy. Every time you buy a new application a payment is made for the period starting at the day of purchase and ending at the end of the month (except for the purchases between the 28th to the last day of the month where the period is extended to the last day of the next month).

How do the recurring billing work?

Every first day of the month, you will receive an invoice summarizing all your applications and the total billed. There is no hidden cost, only the total amount of your subscriptions plus the VAT if it applies.

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