Add the useful feature for Reeder3
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Add the useful feature for Reeder v3.x. ReederEnhancer extends the

Compatible with iOS 5 or higher

  • Display alerts when sending articles by swiping the article list
  • Disable "Pull to Refresh"
  • Add HatenaBookmark function
  • Sync notification
  • Change the format then move to top the caret for Twitter, Facebook,, Buffer, etc.
  • Change the format for Mail Link

You can configure options from

Follow me Twitter (@wa_kinchan) Enjoy!!

Change Log

version 2.0: Release version to bigboss.

version 1.5.8: Fix: When send to Hatena bookmark, correct the problem that 400 error occurs.

version 1.5.7: New: "Use HTML in the Body" option.

version 1.5.6: Fix: Show an alert when a user name or password is incorrect when send to HatenaBookmark. Fix: Display an error if it is not connected to the network.

version 1.5.5: New: "Caret move to top" option.

version 1.5.1 - 1.5.4: Some bug fixes.

version 1.5: New: Further strengthen the Hatena Bookmark function (Internal)

version 1.4: New: Supprot changing the format, Buffer, etc. New: Sharing Heart♡

version 1.3: New: Add chaging the format Mail Link.

version 1.2: New: Add HatenaBookmark functions.

version 1.1.1: Some bug fixes.

version 1.1: New: Ask to send function.

version 1.0: Initial release


ReederEnhancer - r-plus Licensed under the ISC License; Modified by @wa_kinchan