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Waku is the communication layer for Web3. Decentralized communication that scales. Private. Secure. Runs anywhere.


  1. awesome-waku awesome-waku Public

    A community curated list of everything related to waku

    8 2

  2. Public

    Examples on how to use the js-waku library

    JavaScript 23 9

  3. nwaku nwaku Public

    Waku node and protocol.

    Nim 171 42

  4. go-waku go-waku Public

    Go implementation of Waku v2 protocol

    Go 99 42

  5. js-waku js-waku Public

    JavaScript implementation of Waku v2

    TypeScript 154 41

  6. waku-react-native waku-react-native Public archive

    Waku React Native (WIP)

    TypeScript 12 7


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