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# This is the post install hook for when Exceptional is installed as a plugin.
require 'ftools'
# puts, 'README'))
config_file = File.expand_path("#{File.dirname(__FILE__)}/../../../config/exceptional.yml")
example_config_file = "#{File.dirname(__FILE__)}/exceptional.yml"
if File::exists? config_file
puts "Exceptional config file already exists. Please ensure it is up-to-date with the current format."
puts "See #{example_config_file}"
puts "Installing default Exceptional config"
puts " From #{example_config_file}"
puts "For exceptional to work you need to configure your API Key"
puts " See #{example_config_file}"
puts "If you don't have an API Key, get one at"
File.copy example_config_file, config_file
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