WALA Based Tools

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These are tools / libraries created by other groups that build on or enhance WALA. Note that these tools are supported by the authors, not by the WALA maintainers. The tools are open source unless otherwise noted (but please check yourself if the license is suitable for your purposes). Feel free to add links to other tools that we have missed. Several of these tools were presented at the 2015 Workshop on WALA.

Scala Libraries

WALAFacade is a Scala library that enables more idiomatic use of WALA from Scala code. The CUPLV walautil project is a collection of utility methods for WALA projects written in Scala.


Averroes is a tool that generates a placeholder library overapproximating the possible behaviour of the original library. It is compatible with WALA's call graph construction algorithms.


Hopper is a goal-directed static analysis tool for languages that run on the JVM.


Joana is an information-flow control analysis framework for Java. There is also an example repository showing how to apply Joana to Android code.


IDE is an implementation of the Interprocedural Distributive Environment (IDE) algorithm for WALA.


HybriDroid is an implementation of hybrid Dalvik and JavaScript analysis for WALA.


Keshmesh is a static analysis framework for detecting and fixing concurrency bug patterns in Java programs.


JFlow provides interactive source-to-source transformations for flow-based paralellism.


IteRace is a static race detection tool for Java that includes knowledge of loop-parallel operations, among other features.

Compare Call Graphs (JavaScript)

Compare Call Graphs allows for comparison between the dynamic call graph obtained from a Jalangi2 analysis to the static call graph of a JavaScript file in WALA.

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