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Why another static site generator

Because simple-static use Google API (see here), and I hate Google. Also, I've made little changes:

  • I create a site directory, and I add a ready-to-use Makefile for local generation
  • There is the last modifcation date on the footer, and the machine where content was generated


$ make install

Or if you want to specify the installation path

$ make install PREFIX=/usr/local

There may be a conflict with the ss binary provided by iproute2 package (on Debian, Archlinux). Be sure this program isn't installed on your machine before proceeding, or change the installation path.


Copy the site/ folder to your working directory, and edit files to fit your needs.

  • If you have installed ss in another path than /usr/local, then change the SS variable in Makefile
  • Set the remote server and folder for the deployment

A method for converting markdown to html is provided (md2html.awk), but if you need a more sophisticated markdown processor, you can use something like sundown. Follow its installation guide and change MDHANDLER line in your ss.conf file to sundown, like so:


Static web generation

From your working directory:

$ make local
$ make

The static version of the website is created under 'src.static'.

For example, if you want to create a site with a subdirectory for projects, you make an index page under src/, along with a projects/ subdirectory, which has its own

Generate and Upload

The whole process (clean, generation and upload) can be achieve with:

$ make deploy

Original Authors

sw was written by:

  • Nibble <>
  • pancake <>
  • Andrew Antle

simple-static was writter by:


Since there is no licence on this project, I choose to use a BSD licence. Maybe I'm wrong, so feel free to contact me for any abuse.