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Demo SharePoint Todo Web Part built using Angular
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Demo SharePoint Todo Web Part

This repository contains a sample SharePoint Todo Web Part built using Angular.

SharePoint Todo Web Part built using Angular

This Web Part is built using JavaScript and Angular. It is styled using the Office UI Fabric and to simplify the implementation in Angular it uses ngOfficeUIFabric.


  • SharePoint site with a Tasks list
  • development environment with node.js and npm installed

Getting started

  • clone this repository
  • in the command line run npm i to install required packages
  • in the ./app/app.config file change the values of the sharepointApi and todoListName properties to point respectively to the server-relative URL of the SharePoint API and the name of the Tasks list used to store todo items. The default configuration assumes that the List is located is a subweb called Todo and that the Tasks List is called Todo
  • in SharePoint, add a Script Editor Web Part to a page and paste the contents of the sewp.html file as its snippet


  • in the command line run gulp serve
  • in the browser, navigate to the SharePoint page where you placed the Script Editor Web Part
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