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waldo's PowerShell Scripts & Modules


  • Cloud.Ready.Software.NAV

    This module contains functions that has anything to do with NAV.

  • Cloud.Ready.Software.PowerShell

    This module contains various PowerShell helper functions.

  • Cloud.Ready.Software.SQL

    This module contains functions that has anything to do with SQL, like backups, restores, and invoking queries.

  • Cloud.Ready.Software.Windows

    This module has typical Windows related functions such as zip and unzip, working with streams, file management, ISO files, etc.


The PSScripts directory contains many subdirectories. These are scripts that use the modules in various ways to perform various day to day tasks. You will likely edit or create your own scripts.


The source contains a few scripts to help you easily install and configure the PowerShell modules.

Installing the modules

The main part of the installation is the InstallModules.ps1 script. It will make the modules available to the system by updating your PSModules-path. On top of that, it will load the modules when you start a new PowerShell session so you don’t need to do it any more.

To install, run the InstallModules.ps1 script in the PSModules directory. It is important that you do this in a PowerShell session running as administrator.

Create profile in PowerShell ISE

To add some handy menu items in the PowerShell ISE you can use the CreateProfileInISE.ps1 script in the PSModules directory.

Open the PowerShell ISE as an administrator and run the CreateProfileInISE.ps1 script. Now restart your PowerShell ISE. The new menu items should be available in the Add-ons menu.

Reload the modules

In case you edit any of the modules you will have to reload the modules (or restart your PowerShell session).

The modules can be reloaded using either the PowerShell ISE add-on menu items or using the LoadModules.ps1 script in the PSModules directory.