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#Number of objects
#Codeunit 80
$CU80 = $Model.NAVObjects | where {($_.ParentObjectType -eq 'Codeunit' ) -and ($_.ParentObjectID -eq 80)}
#Number of procedures in Codeunit 80
#Stats on CyclomaticComplexity in CU80
$CU80.Procedures.CyclomaticComplexity | measure -Average -Maximum -Minimum
#Lines of code in Codeunit 80
#Where Codeunit 80 is used
#All Obsolete Fields in the base app
$Model.NAVObjects.ChildElements | where ObsoleteState -eq 'Removed' | select FullName
$CU80.Procedures[0].CodeModel.CodeTokens | ft
$CU80.Procedures[0].CodeModel.CodeTokens | Where {($_.Token -like '*if') -or ($_.Token -like '*repeat')} | Measure
$model.EventPublishers | measure
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