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TCPSocket.openも書き換えたほうがいい #2

edvakf opened this issue Jan 20, 2013 · 0 comments


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@edvakf edvakf commented Jan 20, 2013

#1 対応ありがとうございます。

関連してもう一つお願いしたいことがあります。 は親の親の親のクラスの にたどり着くのですが、rb_class_new_instance っていうのでインスタンスが作られるので new メソッドを通らないっぽいです。

static VALUE
rb_io_s_open(int argc, VALUE *argv, VALUE klass)
    VALUE io = rb_class_new_instance(argc, argv, klass);

    if (rb_block_given_p()) {
        return rb_ensure(rb_yield, io, io_close, io);

    return io;

open もモンキーパッチしました。

diff --git a/lib/unix_socket_hack.rb b/lib/unix_socket_hack.rb
index f38b35b..51e913b 100644
--- a/lib/unix_socket_hack.rb
+++ b/lib/unix_socket_hack.rb
@@ -11,6 +11,7 @@ class UNIXSocketHack
   def self.apply(mapping)
     TCPSocket.singleton_class.class_eval do
       alias_method :new_without_unixsockhack, :new
+      alias_method :new_without_unixsockhack, :open

       define_method(:new_with_unixsockhack) do |remote_host, remote_port, local_host=nil, local_port=nil|
         if val = mapping[[remote_host, remote_port].join(":")]
@@ -29,6 +30,7 @@ class UNIXSocketHack

       alias_method :new, :new_with_unixsockhack
+      alias_method :open, :new_with_unixsockhack

     UNIXSocket.class_eval do
diff --git a/spec/unix_socket_hack_spec.rb b/spec/unix_socket_hack_spec.rb
index e75813c..33fd163 100644
--- a/spec/unix_socket_hack_spec.rb
+++ b/spec/unix_socket_hack_spec.rb
@@ -20,15 +20,21 @@ describe "UnixSocketHack" do
   it "connect to unixsocket:9999 should be UNIXSock" do 
     sock ='localhost', 9999);
     sock.class.should == UNIXSocket
+    sock ='localhost', 9999);
+    sock.class.should == UNIXSocket

   it "connect to localhost:9998 should be TCPSocket" do 
     sock ='localhost', 9998);
     sock.class.should == TCPSocket
+    sock ='localhost', 9998);
+    sock.class.should == TCPSocket

   it "connect to should be TCPSocket" do 
     sock ='', 9999);
     sock.class.should == TCPSocket
+    sock ='', 9999);
+    sock.class.should == TCPSocket

具体的な例では、Net::HTTP が を使っているので、それを UNIXSocket を使うようにしたいです。

Ruby の lib/net/http.rb

    def connect
      if proxy? then
        conn_address = proxy_address
        conn_port    = proxy_port
        conn_address = address
        conn_port    = port

      D "opening connection to #{conn_address}:#{conn_port}..."
      s = Timeout.timeout(@open_timeout, Net::OpenTimeout) {, conn_port, @local_host, @local_port)
      D "opened"
@walf443 walf443 closed this in 00b4880 Jan 21, 2013
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