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gbf-raidfinder is a site for finding Granblue Fantasy raid tweets.


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gbf-raidfinder is similar to manually configuring boss names as search terms in TweetDeck, but with some additional functionality:

  • No Twitter login required
  • Uses Twitter streaming API
    • Tweets show up in real-time (TweetDeck search columns use polling)
  • Only shows tweets that were sent from the game
  • Groups English and Japanese raid tweets in the same column
  • Raid IDs are copied when the tweet is clicked on
  • Desktop notifications (also with copy on click, and image preview)
  • Sound notifications, with configurable notification sound per boss
  • Real-time list of raid bosses to choose from
    • No need to know the boss name ahead of time
    • Adds new bosses automatically when they're tweeted about
    • Boss names are automatically translated when possible


gbf-raidfinder uses sbt-native-packager for creating runnable packages. The sbt-native-packager docs explain the types of packages that are possible.

More detailed descriptions of gbf-raidfinder supported deployments can be found on the following pages:

The original version of gbf-raidfinder runs on Heroku's free tier.

Deploy to Heroku

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