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Public Transport Accessibility Index
Yulmetova Maria


Development of Transit Score measure for CANUE - Canadian Urban Environmental Health Research Consortium.

Use case

The Public Transport Accessibility Index (PTAI) was calculated based on the method described by Saghapour, 2016[1] to measure the access level to public transport for each census tract in different metropolitan areas of Canada. This approach consists of two main procedures. The first of them relates to the distances from points of interest and their closest stops/stations. The second one includes walking catchments and CTs population densities proportions calculations. The PTAI was calculated for each census tract. In addition, the access level was calculated for each DA. In this case, the proportions between population densities in different geographic levels were not considered.

A flow chart is attached to visualize the algorithm.

  1. Saghapour, Tayebeh, et al. “Public Transport Accessibility in Metropolitan Areas: A New Approach Incorporating Population Density.” Journal of Transport Geography, vol. 54, 2016, pp. 273–285., doi:10.1016/j.jtrangeo.2016.06.019.