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Batucada is a ground up rewrite of in Django.


To install Batucada, you must clone the repository:

git clone git://

To get started, you'll need to make sure that virtualenv and pip are installed.

sudo easy_install virtualenv
sudo easy_install pip

I recommend using virtualenvwrapper to manage your virtual environments. Follow the installation instructions. Once installed, create your virtual environment for batucada and install the dependencies

cd batucada
mkvirtualenv batucada
workon batucada
pip install -r requirements/compiled.txt
pip install -r requirements/prod.txt

If you are doing an update, you might find it helps to delete pyc files:

find . -name "*.pyc" | xargs rm

You should create a Most people will be able to get away with the template provided.


Next, sync the database and run migrations.

python syncdb --noinput

There's a problem with real databases (read: not sqlite) where south migrations are run in an order that violates foreign key constraints. See Bug # 623612 for details. Until that is fixed, you're best off running migrations in this order.

python migrate projects
python migrate users
python migrate activity
python migrate statuses
python migrate links
python migrate dashboard
python migrate relationships

What a pain!

Finally, start the development server to take it for a spin.

python runserver

Get Involved

To help out with batucada, join the Drumbeat mailing list and introduce yourself. We're currently looking for help from Django / Python and front-end (HTML, CSS, Javascript) developers.