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Open Photo API / Python Library

OpenPhoto, a photo service for the masses


python setup.py install

How to use the library

To use the library you need to first include OpenPhotoOAuth.php, then instantiate an instance of the class and start making calls.

from openphoto import OpenPhoto
client = OpenPhoto(host, consumerKey, consumerSecret, token, tokenSecret)
resp = client.get('/photos/list.json')
resp = client.post('/photo/62/update.json', {'tags': 'tag1,tag2'})

Using from the command line

You'll then want to export your secrets to the environment. We suggest putting them in a file and sourcing it prior to running openphoto commands. Click here for instructions on getting credentials.

# env.sh
export consumerKey=your_consumer_key
export consumerSecret=your_consumer_secret
export token=your_access_token
export tokenSecret=your_access_token_secret

You'll need to source that file once for each terminal session.

source env.sh

These are the options you can pass to the shell program.

-h # display help text
-H hostname # default=localhost
-e endpoint # default=/photos/list.json
-X method # default=GET
-F params # i.e. -F 'title=my title' -F 'tags=mytag1,mytag1'
-p # pretty print the json
-v # verbose output
--encode # base 64 encode the photo

Now you can run commands to the OpenPhoto API from your shell!

openphoto -H current.openphoto.me -p -e /photo/62/view.json -F 'returnSizes=20x20'
  "message" : "Photo 62",
  "code" : 200,
  "result" : {
    "tags" : [

    "id" : "62",
    "appId" : "current.openphoto.me",
    "pathBase" : "\/base\/201108\/1312956581-opmeqViHrD.jpg",
    "dateUploadedMonth" : "08",
    "dateTakenMonth" : "08",
    "exifCameraMake" : "",
    "dateTaken" : "1312956581",
    "title" : "Tomorrowland Main Stage 2011",
    "height" : "968",
    "description" : "",
    "creativeCommons" : "BY-NC",
    "dateTakenYear" : "2011",
    "dateUploadedDay" : "09",
    "longitude" : "4",
    "host" : "opmecurrent.s3.amazonaws.com",
    "hash" : "0455675a8c42148238b81ed1d8db655c45ae055a",
    "status" : "1",
    "width" : "1296",
    "dateTakenDay" : "09",
    "permission" : "1",
    "pathOriginal" : "\/original\/201108\/1312956581-opmeqViHrD.jpg",
    "size" : "325",
    "dateUploadedYear" : "2011",
    "views" : "0",
    "latitude" : "50.8333",
    "dateUploaded" : "1312956583",
    "exifCameraModel" : "",
    "Name" : "62",
    "path20x20" : "http:\/\/current.openphoto.me\/photo\/62\/create\/ceb90\/20x20.jpg"

Getting your credentials

You can get your credentals by clicking on the arrow next to your email address once you're logged into your site and then clicking on settings. If you don't have any credentials then you can create one for yourself by going to /v1/oauth/flow. Once completed go back to the settings page and you should see the credential you just created