Analysis of small business influence using Census and 2016 election data
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An analysis of small business influence using US census bureau business panel data and results from the 2016 election

Blog post:

Data Sources

Census Data:
Go to the Download Center, then select "Business Patterns" in second step. 2004-2014 are currently available.
An overview can be found here:
I used both the county and entire US level aggregations
Make sure to be careful as multiple rollups will be contained in the same download file

County Shape Files:
Very helpful R mapping tutorial:

County Election Results:

Code Overview

01_cbp_all_usa.R: Pulls in country-level census data file, creates overview barcharts/scatterplots
02_elections_plot.R: Makes the pretty-ish map of county level US election results
03_cbp_county.R: Pulls in county-level census data file, merges to election data, then analyzes small business influence in GOP vs DEM counties