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Walker Davis

Basic Audio Effect Plug-in using Faust DSP

with help from Romain Michon, Tim O'brien, Mark Hertensteiner, and Mark Rau

Product Demo with surprise ending!!!

Disclaimer: Although I this was the final project of Fall 2016's 256A course, my programming skills were still pretty terrible. I had a great time putting together the remix/beat at the end of the product demo, I think it was a fresh compositional idea, please check it out. -Walker 10/27/18

This is my basic audio effect plug-in. The incoming audio is processed by audio effects that were all generated in Faust. I borrowed the sample code from Romain Michon's Faust Stereo Reverb example from 256A in Fall 2016 and CCRMA Stanford. There audio is processed by effects in this order:

  • input gain/level
  • reverb
  • lowpass filter with adjustable resonance
  • distortion
  • lowpass filter with adjustable resonance
  • flanger with adjustable depth and speed speed
  • output gain/leve

When designing the GUI, I had some trouble getting circles to behave. After making a half-circle happen, I decided to make a rainbow and play off that theme.

I am pretty certain that classes for me color/shape schemes for the circles should be defined else where, and much more efficiently, but I am not sure where.

Here are some features that this version of RainbOverdrive currently lacks:

  • parameter/slider host recognition
  • parameter/slider automation
  • parameter/slider saving
  • VST and VST3 capabilities(currently it only runs as an AU)