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Contributor License Agreement

Coming soon. Thanks for your patience.

Feature Requests

Submit features requests and issues to the issue tracker. Please search for similar requests within the closed issues before submitting a new request.

Getting Started

First Time? Get up a running:

git clone
cd ./stringy
npm install

This repository is divided into multiple scoped npm packages. That means that each directory under the packages directory is an independent npm package

  1. Is published as its own module on NPM
  2. Should never import any part of a sibling module by file path
  3. Never be published independently

Get more information about the build, test, and document site commands with

npm run help

Add dependencies to a package by making /packages/<package-in-progress> your working directory and run the following command: npm install <new-package> --save

Adding a brand new package?

If you would like to create a brand new package there is a gulp task to scaffold out the structure.

npm run create --name <name-of-package-to-add>

Coding guidelines

  • Tests:
    Functions should be unit tested and bug fixes should include unit tests that exercise the broken functionality. Hopefully it can help drive the design of a function as well. Tests can be verified with npm run test
  • Comments:
    Functions should include JSDoc-style comments.
  • Coding Style:
    Coding style is established in the lint configuration and can be verified with npm run lint
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