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import gym
import numpy as np
class SavableEnv(gym.Wrapper):
def __init__(self, env):
def reset(self, **kwargs):
return self.env.reset(**kwargs)
def step(self, action):
return self.env.step(action)
def save(self):
self._checkpoint = self.env.unwrapped.clone_state()
return self._checkpoint
def load(self, checkpoint=None):
if checkpoint:
self._checkpoint = checkpoint
class ObsTreeNode:
def __init__(self, env, height=0, parent=None,
action=0, reward=0, terminal=False, info=None,
total_reward=0, tree_height=-1):
if not isinstance(env, gym.envs.atari.atari_env.AtariEnv):
env = env.unwrapped
self.height = height
if tree_height < 0:
self.tree_height = self.height
self.tree_height = tree_height
self.parent = parent
self.is_root = parent is None
self.is_child = not self.is_root
self.n_children = env.action_space.n = 0
if self.is_child: += * self.n_children + 1 + action
self.action = action # edge connected from parent
self.reward = reward
self.total_reward = total_reward + reward
self.terminal = terminal
self.state = None
self.obs = None
if not terminal:
self.state = env.clone_state()
self.obs = env._get_obs() = info
self.children = None
if not terminal and height > 0:
self.is_leaf = self.children is None
def _extends(self, env):
self.children = []
for a in range(self.n_children):
_, reward, terminal, info = env.step(a)
child = ObsTreeNode(env, self.height - 1, self,
a, reward, terminal, info,
self.total_reward, self.tree_height)
class ObsTreeEnv(gym.Wrapper):
def __init__(self, env, depth=0):
self.depth = depth
def reset(self, **kwargs):
_ = self.env.reset(**kwargs)
return self._get_tree()
def step(self, action):
_, reward, terminal, info = self.env.step(action)
return self._get_tree(), reward, terminal, info
def _get_tree(self):
return ObsTreeNode(env, self.depth)
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