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@j0k3r j0k3r released this May 14, 2019

This might be the last release of the 2.3 branch as we'll be focus on the 2.4.0 release now.
We think it's time to release it asap!

Main changes

  • Add ability to match many domains for credentials #3937
  • Enable no-referrer on img tags, enable strict-origin-when-cross-origin by default #3943
  • Fix Intl Locale issue #3964

Other fixes

  • Jump to 2.3.8-dev #3897
  • material: fix left padding on non-entry pages #3901
  • Make dev/install/update script posix compatible #3860
  • epub: fix exception when articles have the same title #3908
  • Fix PHP warning #3909
  • material: add metadata to list view #3942
  • Remove preview picture from share view page #3922
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