SublimeText 3: Gutter status icons hidden under those from other plugins #436

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I have never written a Sublime package before, so I am not sure if you can even do anything about this, but I thought I would report it nonetheless...

I spent a while trying to debug why I was not getting status icons in the gutter of ST3, despite having feedback in the console that my tests were running, and it turned out it was because the GitGutter plugin's (general title of the issue is just an assumption that this will come up in other similar plugins) git diff icons were taking precedence and being shown instead.


Thanks for the investigation and for the report. We'll have a look into how to fix it.


So in Sublime Text it's not possible to have multiple gutters, and one has to choose what icons from what plugin to see. There's this long discussion in the GitGutter repo and there's a solution to make GutGutter not to overwrite the icons:

  • create GitGutter.sublime-settings text files,
  • paste the following content there:
  // Do not set GitGutter icons in these regions
  // Useful for making sure GitGutter does not override other
  // regions, (e.g. Bookmarks, Linter/BracketHighlighter icons.)
  "protected_regions": ["wallaby_state1", 
  • save the file to your Sublime installation folder + Packages/User/ (or Data/Packages/User/ if you're on Windows) subfolder.

We will also add a command to toggle wallaby indicators visibility, so that one may use/see other plugins icons.


Thanks a lot for looking it that and for providing the workaround!

PWKad commented Feb 20, 2016

You should add a link to this in the sublime installation walk through if you can.


@PWKad Thanks for the suggestion, done.

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