Wallaroo Labs

A modern, extensible framework that makes it simple to get stateful streaming data & event-driven applications to production fast, regardless of scale.

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  1. wallaroo

    Python Stream Processing

    Pony 1.2k 53

  2. wallaroo-python-example

    This is an example Wallaroo application using docker with Kafka integration

    Python 4

  3. wallaroo_blog_examples

    Code examples from the Wallaroo Labs blog

    Python 14 3

  4. spamdetector

    Sample XMPP spam detection pipeline

    Python 1

  5. pony-kafka

    🐴 Pure Pony Kafka client

    Pony 44 3

  6. phoenix_tcp

    TCP transport layer for Phoenix

    Elixir 27 2